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Wheeled Warriors Project

Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors was one of my favest shows from the 80's. Along with Transformers, Thundercats, SilverHawks and many more, I loved this series because it just stood out. looking back at it now, it seems a bit silly (It does not take thirty minutes to fly between planets...but then again what do I know).
Over on CG Society they had a Hardcore modeling challenge and for the first time felt brave enough to jump on in. I wanted to do a scene with the two Iconic vehicles from the series. SawBoss' Vehicular form and Armed-Force, Jayce's vehicle. I wanted to give these vehicles an updated I went at it. I came second :3 I took it with grace, the guys over on CGS are amazing! :D


Just messing around a bit...Style-wise, SawBoss looks like a cross between a clothes-iron and a pizza-cutter..LOL...(Please don't kill me SawBoss) :3

Armed Force is originally a bit more blocky in design, so I went for a more svelte, sleeker profile, while keeping the feel of the original.

Blocking out the general shape gives a good idea of styling and silhouette. It also makes for easy identification on various sections and  helps me focus on detailing before moving on to the next section.



Front wheel

Back wheel


Back / Engine bay

wheel Guard

Arm / Grabby McGrabberson

Somewhere along working on Armed force, I began working on the suspension for the front wheels. I began making a typical suspension system, inspired by some dune buggy and modified Jeep setups....

However, I remembered...This vehicle is not yer normal, average everyday's in space! It needs something new and out-of-this-world! So I began messing around with a new design...
Would the design actually function in the real-world? I highly doubt it...but it looks kinda cool tho :3

LOL...A VERY loose sketch of how I wanted Sawboss to look, This is a terrible sketch...I can draw...really. No, wait....come back!! D:

Yes, Jayce is in this too. Sadly in the final image it's hard to see because he has got glass shattering all around him as Saw Boss is smashing the cockpit cover. I am planning on doing a video to better showcase the entire diorama. Also, I didn't get enough time to re-conceptualize Jayce in a more modern way, so I stayed close to the original design. The CGS Hardcore modeling challenge is a month long...and that month can go quickly....So I made the model, ghetto-rigged it so I could pose him and set him inside Armed-Force

Wheeled Warriors

Jolly Bus

In Jamaica, the old country buses that ran long distances into the rural areas, were known for being bright and colorful and always had odd names like "Lion" or "Iron Mule". Because of the bright colors, they are called "Jolly" buses. there was a challenge on the Jamaica animation nation Network page, to recreate one of these buses. 

The Jamaican "Jolly" Bus

Jolly Bus

Reference Images found online!!!

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