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Duck-Loop Tutorial

Holy Snoz-waffles!!! 2D Animation!? Yes...the principles of animation cross animation styles, and I do get tired of 3D AAAALLL the time. After all, drawing was my first love. So Here I am messing around with TV Paint, a really great animation tool for traditional artists. However, this can be done with ANY software :3

RED STRIPE: Go for Gold

A look at the graphics I had to create for the Red Stripe Go For Gold Campaign in 2016.

The Eyes Have it!

Recently, i got asked about how I make the eyes for my characters and I made this handy chart. This is a look at one of the ways I make the eyes on my characters. It isn't a "right" way...just A way. This is my version on the "Pixar eye".

ZBrush Stuff

Intro To Zbrush Part 1

Are you a noob in Zbrush? Well, I am technically a noob in Zbrush as well. Let me show you what I have learned and hopefully I can help you along the way.

Intro To Zbrush Part 2

You should be feeling less nooby by now, so let's continue on our journey ans see what we can make. :D

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