Who am I?

Animating my Inner World

My name is Corretta Singer, I am a Swiss-born, Jamaican-grown, 3D enthusiast, content creator and IP developer. The core focus of my work has been on telling stories with the creation of top-notch imagery and media all with the intention of maintaining an industry standard finish and polish. With several Award Winning IPs under my belt, I am hoping to take these properties to higher heights and give them the platforms they need to flourish.


My 15 years of experience in the commercial and creative industry. has made me familiar with the 3D production pipeline including software and hardware. I also have experience as an illustrator, painter, director and video editor.


I have a drive for developing ideas and stories, and the visual medium is the best way to show people what the characters from those stories looked like, or at least, how I saw them. I believe there is nothing more human than telling stories; drawing from our own personal experiences and creating a narrative that is either relatable or can open a perspective on other points of views. 

I work mostly Freelance and for-Hire, offering services for VFX in my industry when needs be.

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