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Who the heck is this "Corretta" person?


The name is Corretta Singer. I am an award-winning, Swiss-born, Jamaican-grown, 3D Character modeler, digital sculptor and 3D print enthusiast with a penchant playing computer games. (The Dishonored series, Bioshock 1 and 2 and the Assassin's creed games are among my faves)
I got into this line of work for the sole selfish reason of making all the weird characters and stuff in my head come to life.
As close to a modern-day Frankenstein as I will get without all the gross and illegal grave-robbing.


My 16+ years of experience in the commercial and creative industry. has made me familiar with the 3D production pipeline for both film and games, including software such as Maya, Zbrush, Substance Painter, Redshift and Adobe After Effects, Photoshop and Premiere, and hardware and other digital spells and hexes (just kidding...*cough*) 
I also have experience as an illustrator, painter, director and video editor. (Because survival)
I can be self reliant, but love working as part of a team.


I could write some other over-inflated businessy important-sounding stuff here, but the short story is:
I love making weird, cool 3D shit. 

It's also really cool that my work and experience has allowed me the privilege of being part of Jamaican government delegations to South Korea, France and the US as part of the development of the animation industry in Jamaica.

I work mostly Freelance and for-Hire, offering services for VFX and digital character assets for film and gaming when needs be.

If you require my 3D services, feel free to contact me 

Tale of Shadows one Sheet_FRONT_V2_NEW_s

This big green dude is named Boris (I know, unpopular name in the UK right now)

The little girl is Ayah. She is gonna help him get his powers back so he can protect the forest like the guardian he was meant to be. But first he needs to stop being a big green meany-pants.

LR screen cap kitchen3.jpg

This is a screencap from my still-in-production short film about a girl struggling with the physical manifestation of her mental illness. 

This. I made as part of a challenge titled "Mad Mugs". And I had LOTS of fun making this wicked little guy.
I am so sad that Shapeways stopped offering ceramic, because I would TOTALLY have had this 3D printed.
But for now he shall sit, staring deviously at all who gaze upon him. 

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