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PINK and BLUE is a live action / CGI short film, still in production, that is the brainchild of James Parris, director of Paper Tiger Films in Los Angeles. I was tasked with creating the model for one of the characters, "Bluebot".
BLUEBOT is a toy robot who represents the sort of toys boys should play with. He has a loud, brash personality and a handy dandy arm canon for keeping the law in the "Blue Zone".

The challenge for this character was making him look like a real working toy, with seams and screws and "working" body parts that articulated like a toy would. There were a few interesting "range of motion" hitches that called for slight reworks to the original design.

BlueBot concept Artwork by JASON PICHON

BlueBot concept Artwork by JASON PICHON and lineart by JAMES PARRIS

Somewhere along the production we added a working arm canon that was designed to fold and fit into the forearm cavity without resizing. The challenge was making the pieces fit in the forearm and still create enough impact as a believable toy weapon.

Rough rig and test animation I did to showcase the functionality of the of the Arm-Canon rig and how the pieces move in relation to each other.

Another Challenge was discovering that the original concept design did not allow the head to move up and down without interpenetrating into the body. 

A cut out in the chest was added to remedy this. However, it changed the solid "blocky" look of the chest from the original concept. This was a cause for rethinking a way to retain the blocky shape and still allow for head movement.

Why not add a two-part button type mechanism that depressed when the chin or helmet  made contact? On Right: Mechanism when the head is tilted forward

Mechanism also worked for the back of the head as well....

New Design with the Button type design under the neck to retain the look of the original concept.

The only set of blendshapes requested for the riggers. Face and Helmet morph.

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Chloe Cheetah


Meet Chloe. Like any cheetah, She loves to run and her dream is becoming an Olympic track star. But she is not exactly as fast as her super-fast parents, and often loses races to her other animal friends. But she is determined to be the greatest. So where can she train with the fastest runners in the world? Jamaica of course!

This character was made on a whim, because someone said I didn't have anything "cute" in my portfolio. Well...Challenge accepted.

Originally I was going to put laces in, but ended up liking the futuristic look that the lace-less shoes gave. Also, I dislike laces in real life >:)



Boris is a character from my project "Tale of shadows".  He is a sullen, curmudgeonly forest monster who has a hatred for humans, yet a deep sense of duty for protecting the forest. He is caught between doing what he sees as right, while seeking redemption for the things he has done in the name of keeping the forest safe. 


He initially started as a rough sketch on a spare piece of paper. then on to a colored digital piece, a 3D model, and animated Character and even a 3D print.

Tale of shadows won the Pitch Competition at KingstOOn in 2016, and is now undergoing further development.

A playblast of test animation between Boris and another character, Mr. Crow. also a nice way to look at my rigs. I am not really a rigger, but I can manage to help myself along. Below are two screen shots from the final animation.

I did manage to make a 3D print of Boris. The material prints with no color, so I painted him by hand.

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