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Wheeled Warriors: Vehicle Project

This is a project I am particularly proud of. It was for a hardcore modeling challenge on CG Society and the theme was Saturday Morning Cartoons. Most were picking the usual stuff, but I wanted to work on a Jayce and the wheeled warriors inspired entry, specifically the vehicles of the two opposing sides: Armed force of the Lightning League and Saw Boss of the Monster Minds.
I redesigned the vehicles, giving them an upgrade and working on as much of the mechanical detail as I could. I worked on a new-fangled suspension for Armed Force and gave Saw Boss a sleeker look. I Even had time to model Jayce himself, though you don't see him much in the final render.
I made the final Diorama where Saw Boss has broken Armed-Force's Canopy, but Armed force is tearing the Saw Blade arm from Saw Boss. Enjoy the progress images.
SOFTWARE USED: Maya, Vray, Photoshop.

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