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Tale of Shadows one Sheet_FRONT_V2_NEW_s

Boris is a character from my project "Tale of Shadows".  He is a sullen, curmudgeonly forest monster who has a hatred for humans, yet a deep sense of duty for protecting the forest. He is caught between doing what he sees as right, while seeking redemption for the things he has done in the name of keeping the forest safe. 


He initially started as a rough sketch on a spare piece of paper. then on to a colored digital piece, a 3D model, and animated Character and even a 3D print.

Tale of Shadows won the Pitch Competition at KingstOOn in 2016, and is now undergoing further development.

Since KingstOOn, Boris, along with Ayah, another Character, has gone through design update. So below you will see the progress from "Original Boris to "Redesigned Boris"

A playblast of test animation between Boris and another character, Mr. Crow. also a nice way to look at my rigs. I am not really a rigger, but I can manage to help myself along. Below are two screen shots from the final animation.

I did manage to make a 3D print of Boris. The material prints with no color, so I painted him by hand.



The New Boris really looks like he could kick some serious ass and protect the forest.

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