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JODY_TODY Iconic image.jpg

Jody the Jamaican Tody bird, is small in size but BIG on adventure. When she and her parents move to a new home, Jody goes on a mission to make friends and make everyday an imagination-fuelled adventure.

©Corretta Singer. All rights reserved.


TALE OF SHADOWS Iconic image.jpg
©Corretta Singer. All rights reserved.

Boris, a human-hating, once-immortal Forest guardian must thwart an ancient evil. But first, he needs to break his curse, and luckily he has come across just the person to help; a precocious and helpful little human girl named Ayah. 
The original Proof-of-concept was the  winner of three awards at the Kingstoon Festival in Jamaica, and one Award at the New Animation Animation and Cartoon International Film festival in the USA for best new Project.


KINA_SKY Iconic image.jpg
©Corretta Singer. All rights reserved.

Kina, a Cyborg girl, must remember her long-forgotten past in order to save the future of a planet teetering on the brink of destruction. The series is based on the concept film KINA SKY which aired on Nickelodeon as one of the shortlisted finalists for the Nick International Animation Festival.

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